It’s not just about the Chinese Communist Party — it’s about control over America’s youth.

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The realities of a post-9/11 world have always been a part of our lives and the threat of complete and utter destruction of the climate has loomed above us. …

If you thought Generation Z would rush to take the vaccination, you’d be dead wrong. I was. So what is scaring them?

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We hoped, we prayed, and we thought day in day out about when we would get a legitimate vaccination approved by the FDA, but when that day came, the degree of hesitance was more than one might expect. Naturally, after being forced to obey a deluge of restrictions over the past few months, even…

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A chronicle of being at the school with one of the worst COVID-19 responses in America

Jesse Hall, the University of Missouri’s main administrative center. | Photo by Author

Walking around the University of Missouri’s main campus, I saw that most (if not all) students were wearing masks — a requirement by the city, which had been followed consistently by Columbians and now, it seemed, by incoming students and faculty. With that, I felt optimistic about the semester. Perhaps I would not have the…

The lessons you learn when you see the aftermath of true evil

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Trigger warning: This article contains detailed descriptions of a concentration camp.

Heading south over the Vistula River, you enter a different world…

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From the perspective of a user, what sort of culture has it really created?

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I first heard about TikTok on YouTube in the fall of 2018, where I saw TikTok cringe compilations left and right. When I viewed the arguably cheesy stuff being produced on the app, I promised myself…

How to Tell the Difference Between News and an Opinion

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So, when you see an article that you feel is not accurate…

How 9/11 gave Generation Z a different perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic and the responsibility they have for the next generation

One World Trade Center under the final stages of construction in Lower Manhattan, 2014 (Photo by Author)

Meanwhile, I was napping in a crib at my grandparent’s home in Upstate New York. Completely unable…

What these creepy crawlies can teach us about the human condition and what you can do to be mindful during the quarantine

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Sticking with the spider analogy, the human mind is linked to the body via the central nervous system in a massive web of nerves and…

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